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No Judul Nama Dosen Dipublikasikan Pada Tahun
1 Optimal Power Flow Using Particle Swarm Optimization for IEEE 30 bus Kukuh Widarsono, M.T. I-CORE 2019 2019
2 Multi-tuned Active Power Filter Based on pq Theory for Power Harmonic Supression Kukuh Widarsono, M.T. IPTEK Journal of Proceedings 2019
3 SEPIC Converter with Coupled Inductor Using Fuzzy Logic Controller to Optimized Battery Charging Process Kukuh Widarsono, M.T. ICETIR 2019 2019
4 Design and Implementation Protection System of Over Voltage, Under Voltage and Unbalance Voltage Based on Visual Basic Kukuh Widarsono, M.T. MASTER 2019 2019
5 Design and Implementation of Protection Relay 3 Phase Induction Motor Kukuh Widarsono, M.T. JAREE 2019
6 EFL Teacher’s Oral Questioning: Are Her Questions and Strategies Effective? Milawati, S.Pd., M.Pd. Dinamika Ilmu 2019
7 Grammar Translation Method: Current Practice In EFL Context Milawati, S.Pd., M.Pd. Ijeltal 2019
8 Shunt Active Power Filter For Harmonic Mitigation Based on P-Q Theory Moh. Jauhari, S.T., M.T. Universitas Negeri Malang – IEEE 2019
9 Strategy of Reference Currrent Generation of Active Power Filter Based on P-Q Theory for Harmonic Compensation Moh. Jauhari, S.T., M.T. Academic word organisation 2019
10 Improving Classroom Materials Design for Vocational English Teachers at Sampang Vocational High Schools Nurir Rohmah, S.S., M.Ed INOVISH POLTEK BENGKALIS 2019